Gartner Research Report

How to realize cost savings after migrating to the cloud

Ensuring savings to accelerate value delivery

How companies can achieve significant savings after PLM cloud migration

Gain the best practices for cloud migration management


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Gartner’s How to Realize Cost Savings after Migrating to the Cloud is the go-to guide for any company preparing to move to PLM on-cloud or forming their post-migration strategy. TECHNIA believe you will get valuable insider advice on budgeting, management and reporting that will help you reduce your cloud total cost of ownership.

We believe you will discover:

  • Common key challenges to achieving cloud savings
    Why do some PLM companies fail to see cloud cost savings while others succeed?
  • How to navigate the focus areas of cloud cost optimisation
    Explore the secrets to saving big through proper demand, provider and financial management.
  • Tips for ensuring savings across budgets
    From staff reduction to data-centre management, identify where savings can be made outside the typical PLM budget.

How to Realize Cost Savings After Migrating to the Cloud, Stewart Buchanan, 29 August 2019

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